La Clásica de Tenerife

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La Clásica goes curious

We have decided to create a section named “Did you know…?”, eager to share our knowledge with the large public that is awaiting the start of La Clásica de Tenerife 2023. … Read More

De las 94.619 unidades del Triumph TR6 producidas entre 1968 y 1976 más de 85.000 fueron vendidas fuera del Reino Unido

Changes in dates: take note

We have introduced small modifications to the dates that appear in the Particular Regulations and that we publish in Annex I of this document. … Read More

imagen de dos vehículos clásicos deportivos en Tenerife

La Clásica de Tenerife 2023 already sounds like classics

The Clásica de Tenerife 2023 already has more than 40 teams pre-registered despite the summer break. And September begins with a notable upturn in the rate of applications. … Read More