La Clásica de Tenerife

La Clásica de Tenerife 2023 already sounds like classics

imagen de dos vehículos clásicos deportivos en Tenerife

The Clásica de Tenerife 2023 already has more than 40 teams pre-registered so far despite the summer break. And September begins with a notable upturn in the rate of applications.

The classic sports cars that are positioned for the “qualy” dye with the colors of the British flag the casting of mounts, something that is not surprising if you take a look at the variety of engineering and automotive designs that the United Kingdom produced more than 50 years ago.

Even so, we already have classic vehicles from Italy, with its unmistakable adrenaline red, from Germany, with its vibrant sobriety, and from France, with its unique vintage innovations.

What the next few weeks will bring, until the deadline for pre-registration on September 19, is unknown. The 22 years of experience of the Real Automóvil Club de Tenerife in the celebration of this event nourish the accuracy of the forecast regarding the nationalities of the mounts, but not the country of origin of its seasoned pilots.

The LaPalma-Tenerife stage duo introduced by RACT this year should be a remarkable stimulus to foreign participation, always eager for adventures on wheels in the most unique settings. For this reason, we anticipate a high number of visitors from both the Peninsula and beyond the Spanish borders.

From the Real Automóvil Club de Tenerife we continue working for this edition to be a success of participation and for Tenerife and La Palma to be privileged witnesses of the most outstanding meeting of classic sports cars of those held in Spain.

We remind you that the deadline for pre-registration is September 19. Don’t leave it to the last day!

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