La Clásica de Tenerife

La Clásica goes curious

We have decided to create a section named “Did you know…?”, eager to share our knowledge with the large public that is eagerly awaiting the start of La Clásica de Tenerife 2023.

In this section we will publish curious information about the history, technique, market, personalities, etc., of the makes and models that are already parading through the offices, documents and mails of the Organization of the classic car meeting preferred by all.

We start with three curiosities that may be known to the most knowledgeable of our potential participants, but which we are convinced will provoke more than one “Well, I didn’t know that!

With this humble but illustrative activity, which does not pretend to be an encyclopedia, from the Real Automóvil Club de Tenerife we also aim to offer an additional means of information available to the large audience that will admire in person the fleet that will gather La Clásica de Tenerife 2023.

By the way: did you know that of the 94,619 Triumph TR6 units produced between 1968 and 1976, more than 85,000 were sold outside the UK?

If you are curious, make sure you visit our section “Did you know…?” section in the menu. We’ll load it with interesting facts frecuently.

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